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Encouraging Children To Read

Welcome to the We Read. This web site is designed to help you encourage children to read. We want to help empower you to use the internet and technology to engage children and young adults in the joys of reading and writing. If we are able to raise parents' awareness of the importance of reading to their children, then that's an added bonus. Reading is such an important part of any child's development, we cannot afford to just take it for granted.

Everything you find on this website is free of charge!

Feel free to browse and look around; there's a lot to see and do.

We hope you enjoy our site!

Rich And Diverse

The world we live in is a rich and diverse place, and reading is a great way to discover more about it. If we're smart, we can take advantage of different aspects of the stimulating environment we all live in to develop our childrens' reading skills creatively.

If you can fire your student's enthusiasm, you have a better chance of keeping them interested in reading and learning more. But being creative offers more benefits than just holding a kid's attention. If you are able to present material in many different ways, your students have a better chance of understanding it. Being a creative teacher encourages students to be creative learners too.

Most parents and teachers accept that reading is most effective when it is enjoyable, but they are given little direct advice about how to making reading more stimulating.