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Who's Under My Bed?

Oh no, oh no

It's time to go

It's time for Danny

To go to bed

But Danny is sad

He knows that his Dad

Will soon turn out

The lights

Oh no, oh no

It's so dark in here

Danny can't see

Bust he sure can hear

Click! What is that?

Clank! Who is there?

To peek under the bed

Danny wouldn't dare

Stevie told Danny once

That under kids' beds

Hides a big monster

That has three heads

It lurks around

Making clicks and clanks

And waiting for Danny

To stick out his hands

But wait, what's that sound

It could be a giggle

Or maybe a funny

Sort of whistle?

Oh no, oh no

What could it be?

Slowly Danny poked his

Head down to see

A funny little creature

Wearing roller skates

Was wirling around

Doing figure eights

Hi there, Danny

How have you been?

Nice to meet you

I'm Mr Green

Hi Mr Green

Nice to meet you, too

What is it, exactly

Mr Green, that you do?

I joke, I have fun

I swim and I run

I sing and I whistle

When I'm blue

I even play the fiddle

I can do anything

I can cheer like the mob

But it's got to be noisy

You see that's my job

That's your job? Danny asked

I don't understand

What do you mean, Mr Green

Will you please, please explain?

Some people cook meals

Some drive trains

Others build buildings or write

Well, my job is simply

To make noises at night

Oh, I see, Danny said

I do understand

You are behind all

The clicks and the clanks

Would you terribly mind?

Would you terribly care?

Mr Green, if I joined

You down there?

Not at all, Danny

It would be really grand

It's been a long time since

I made noise with a friend

They skated and ran

They played golf in the rain

Baked cookies and cakes

Swam across the great lakes

They made lots of noise

They had lots of fun

They even launched

A rocket to reach the sun

Oh no, oh no

Dawn is upon them

And it's time for

Mr Green to go to bed

With a hoot and a whistle

Mr Green boarded his train

Don't worry, I'll be back

We'll do this again

Danny waved goodbye

To Mr Green

Who was the funniest thing

Danny has ever seen

Now Danny knows

When he hears at night

A crackle, a pop

A laugh, or a sob

That it's just Mr Green

Doing his job