Kids And Reading

Kids And Reading

Reading is one of life's free and rewarding gifts. We say free, but there is actually a cost in time and effort. However, this cost is far outweighed by the huge benefits that good reading skills bring.

The need to read is everywhere. You might think that the internet is taking over and that reading skills are being pushed to the background. But think about internet phenomena like Facebook, Twitter, forums, and so on. Visitors to sites like those need to read tweets, walls and posts. The need to read is everywhere. Whilst watching a foreign film, you'll need to read subtitles (and quickly!). When driving, you'll need to read the traffic signs (even more quickly). Emails on your smartphone - you name it, reading well is a requirement in more places than we might at first think.

Our one goal on this site is to encourage an interest in reading and help to develop your child's reading skills. And have fun in the process! Is that three goals...?

To these ends, there is a range of quizzes, exercises and reading games that will help you along the way. A popular style of reading exercise that you will find here is the reading comprehension. A passage is presented at the start of the web page, and then multiple choice questions that test the reader's comprehension of the passage appear below.

Reading to children stimulates their interest in reading themselves. This means that you have a few options with the reading exercises that include passages. If the student has a sufficient reading level, they can read the passage themselves and then go on to answer the questions on it below. Alternatively, you may choose to read the passage to the child and then guide them through the questions yourself. There is something to be gained from both approaches. It's up to you.